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"After 4 years of piano lessons, my son decided to switch to the saxophone in September. He made noticeable progress after only a few lessons with Igor. Five months later, he is a far more confident player who is capable of holding his own with the more experienced sax players in the Air Cadets band he plays with weekly; also, his middle school music teacher has commented that he’s able to play his instrument with a high degree of accuracy. I doubt he would have progressed so quickly without Igor’s help. We are truly grateful for his instruction."

by Cheryl John



"Igor is a great teacher with high skill and loads of passion for music. My son learned a lot from him, and under his help, my son was able to successfully prepare for a band tryout in a short period of time. Igor is a great teacher, and I highly recommend him to you."

by Kathy Qiu



"Igor is not only an amazing, kind-hearted, smart and trustworthy person but he is also a masterful teacher. I have been working with him since last year and before that I had never touch any musical instruments at all. But, I have always wanted to learn to play the Saxophone and learn about the musical theory especially in Jazz and Blues. He has the ability to listen and understand where I am in my learning curve and adjust his lessons to my skill level. In all the things, I hoped my music teacher would be, Igor has turned out to be all of them and even more. His patient personality, and wide knowledge of music make him a good choice for a music teacher. If this is what you've been looking for, run, don't walk to his studio. You won't be disappointed."

by Shahram Sattar



"My son has been taking Saxophone lessons from Igor for over a year and he both enjoys and benefits from the lessons very much. Igor is very professional and really knows how to bond with young people to inspire and challenge them. He is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and patient teacher and positive role model for my son. Highly recommend Igor."


by Victoria Freedman


"I was looking for Toronto Saxophone Lessons and after I found this studio I couldn't be any happier. The lessons given here were the best I have had in a long time, and my skills definitely increased after just a few lessons."

by Alexander Corvinus


"If it was not for IGOR the GREATEST I wouldn't have started to play the tenor sax at the age of 50 and fall in love with the horn and the music. THANKS A BILLION IGOR!!!!"  

​by Shuki Preminger

"Awesome! Igor is a wonderful flute teacher. I feel that I've improved my musicianship immenesly because of my lessons. After only a few weeks of lessons, my high school music teacher (at Earl Haig Secondary) asked me what I had done to improve my skills so much! I would recommend Igor as a teacher to anyone wishing to take private flute lessons."                      

by Ginelle


"Great! Amazing lessons and comprehensive learning. A real blast! " 

by Henry


"I have been taking saxophone lessons from Igor for the past three months. During this time, he has taught exercises designed to improve my control, pitch and tone while playing. He has also introduced me to a variety of rhythms and patterns to help me learn correct technique and has provided me with a list of musicians to listen to and to become inspired by. Igor is a teacher who works hard to create meaningful exercises for his students to grow and to develop their musical talents. 

I am confident that by studying under Igor, I will learn the tools and techniques needed to grow as an aspiring musician. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey under Igor's instruction."                                                                                  

by Derek


"The best way to improve your saxophone ability. I have been taking lessons with Igor for the past 5 years and I can confidently say that I have absolutely no regrets. During that time my skill as a musician has improved immensley and a lot of that was due to Igor's comprehensive lessons. The lessons themselves could be challenging at times but Igor was always patient and allowed me to progress at my own pace while offering tips on how I could improve. I would recommend anybody considering taking saxophone lessons to look no further because lessons with Igor are the best investment you can make for your playing regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced musician. " 

by Roman


"Igor not only a gifted and talented musician, but also a wonderful instructor whose devotion, commitment and passion for music has helped propel me to higher heights as a saxophone player. I cannot thank you enough Igor." 

by Kevin Dang


"Igor Babich has been teaching my son to play saxophone for 3 years. Using his adaptive and individual teaching method Igor dramatically improved my suns skills and techniques, build his confidence to perform as a part of a band and soloist. Brilliant teacher, talented musician and a thoughtful person Igor opens for his students the splendid world of jazz in the most electrifying and funniest ways, gives them various points of view by introducing them to renowned sax players and jazz bands. I believe that Igors students will keep the love and taste for a good music for the rest of there lives. Without any hesitation I would recommend Mr. Babich to anybody who is interested in studying playing music with one of the finest saxophone teachers in GTA." 

by Valery Malenkov


"Hi Igor, Months ago, you recommended two of your students Randy and Patricio for my big band jam. Youll be happy to know that it was held today and both were FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for sending them my way.  Again, Im very grateful to you." 

by Rob Hunter

"Lovin' music and saxophone more and more! Each lesson is thorough and challenging. Both my technique and musicianship are improving steadily.... The exciting part is going to my lessons to learn something new each time!! Even though it can be quite challenging, I'm constantly having fun!! The love Igor has for music and teaching is obvious in his teaching style. " 

by Luca

"I was looking for saxophone lessons and after I found this studio I couldn't be any happier. The lessons given here were the best I have had in a long time, and my skills definitely increased after just a few lessons. " 

by Alexander

"Good evening, Mr. Babich: I just wanted to thank you very much for my first saxophone lesson from last week. I had a great time, and I feel my confidence is coming back on the saxophone. I hope I keep it going." 

by Peter V. Simone

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Igor Babich. I have known Igor for 3 years. The progress that my son made during his 3 years with Igor as a teacher far exceeded any expectations I had and demonstrated to me what a wonderful teacher he is. Not only did my son grow as a saxophone player he gained more confidence in himself. Playing and practicing the saxophone was not a chore but rather an activity he performed happily and voluntary. Igor was able to impart his enthusiasm and love of playing the saxophone onto my son. Rather than work directly from a saxophone lessons book, he would play different pieces of music and allow him to choose what he wanted to learn. He customized the music and lessons to his current skill level while at the same time providing challenges to keep the learning process going. By allowing him to choose the piece that he wanted to learn, he became part of the teaching process. My son had more incentive and motivation to practice and play. He would eagerly practice at home! Once a one piece was mastered, he was very enthusiastic about beginning his next new piece. Igor is not only friendly and patient, but also is good at gauging his students level of knowledge and ability. His commitment to his students is evident. Igor sees each student as an individual and draws upon their strengths to teach them in ways that work best for them. He played by himself and provided my son with a recorded track of the piece that they were working on. This allowed my son to hear how the music should be played and reinforced the lesson material. Igor customized my sons lessons to his ability and particular learning characteristics. I respect Igor for many of his qualities but most of all because he is able to connect with his students and customize their lessons according to their strengths. Igor is a very positive and encouraging teacher who is able to make confident self-motivated saxophone players out his students. I highly recommend Igor Babich a teacher and an envious of his future students who can experience his contagious passion and love of music first hand."   

by Zara and Michael

"Igor is a very ethusiastic, knowledgeable, experienced, and patient teacher. He has encouraged me to challenge myself and facilitated my progress through a flexible and accomodating teaching style. After almost two years of learning from Igor, I still enjoy the lessons and continue to improve. He has exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely recommend him for all age groups and levels of experience. " 

by Zav

"Good evening, Mr. Babich: I just wanted to thank you very much for my first saxophone lesson from last week. I had a great time, and I feel my confidence is coming back on the saxophone. I hope I keep it going." 

by Peter V. Simone

"It has been only one year since my son Henry started his saxophone lessons with Igor and I am thrilled with the progress that Henry has made. Igor is such a great teacher with outstanding techniques and effective teaching style. His unique way of conducting the lesson makes it interesting and enjoyable. Henry really enjoys every minute of the lesson and the every day practice. With no reservation I would recommend Igor as a great saxophone teacher to any of my friends. Thank you for the great job, Igor!" 

by Kevin Zhang

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