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What equipment do I need for my online classes?

  • A functioning computer.

  • A good internet connection.

  • A videoconferencing software (free software link will be provided by instructor.)

  • A microphone.

  • A webcam.

What methods do you use to teach?


We use a variety of proven teaching methods from many publishers. Our material and audio library had been collected for years and represent a variety of musical styles and performers.

How old does one have to be to start learning an instrument?


Preferably nine-ten years old and up. However, there is no set age for beginners.

How long does it take to learn an instrument?


It depends on the level of ability, on the pace each student learns and how much one practices. On average, it takes about four - six months to learn the basics.

What can one learn in your lessons?


First of all are fundamentals: scales, scale patterns, tone production, vibrato, intonation, articulation and extended techniques. Each week students prepare etudes, solo repertoire and duets. Students have a chance to learn from observation as well, since I always play with them on every lesson.

What about students who simply want to learn for fun?


Most of our students take lessons because they are having fun.

Am I too old to start learning an instrument?


You are never too old. In fact, many of our adult students have never taken music lessons before. All you need is a wish to learn and just have a try. My oldest student now is 75 years old.

What is the method of the payment?


Lessons must be paid for advance by the month. The payment methods are: cash, Interac e-Transfer (in Canada) and PayPal (for a student who is living out of Canada) 

How much is the lesson? 


The cost of lesson depends on the lesson length.

$30  for a 30-minute lesson (paid monthly upfront)


$45  for a 45-minute lesson (paid monthly upfront)


$60  for a 60-minute lesson (paid monthly upfront)

How to register?


Registering for lessons is easy and FREE.  Please call 416-843-0051 or email at and we will look through the schedule to find a spot that matches what you are looking for.  We will consider day, time, the type of music you or your child wants to learn and match you with the most appropriate lesson program.

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